Mount a customer charm offensive.

A charmed customer is a happy customer, is a loyal customer.

What’s the point of a customer charm offensive, and what is a charm offensive? There’s nothing magic or particularly new about it—think about it as nothing more than what should be an instinctive drive to be helpful and useful to your customers beyond just supplying them with product. Customers find this charming—it’s human nature.

In a textile screen shop there are probably a hundred ways in which you can be helpful and useful to your customers beyond just printing their tees, and hence charm them. And a charmed customer is more likely to be a loyal, repeat customer.

If you put your mind to it you can probably think of many ways in which your particular shop can charm its customers. I recently saw something that you might not ordinarily think about passing on to your customers. I’ve always been a fan of attaching tickets to garments with useful information, a little history perhaps, explanations of how to properly care for the garment, explanation of how the garment was produced in an environmentally responsible way, etc. etc.

But how about a ticket that explains how to make a Tee “vintage” soft, as many wearers nowadays like them. Apparently all you have to do is make a brine mixture of a quart of water and half a cup of salt. Soak the Tee in the brine for 3 days, wash it with just a dash of detergent, and then tumble dry. The result is said to be a tee with a soft “vintage” feel.

Customers might find this helpful and useful, and be charmed. And, as we know, a charmed customer . . .