Over-flashing your underbase

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  • Underbasing requires certain precautions
  • Over-flashing the underbase causes problems

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Stefan Mertes recently warned against over flashing your underbase. He points out that over-flashing the underbase causes the pallets to heat up to the point where they can cause the ink in the other screens to begin to gel or dry. This is particularly true of water-based inks. And that can mess up your prints.

His point is that even if you get everything else right about printing an underbase  including the right mesh count, the right emulsion thickness, the right squeegee, the right pressure, the right off-contact, and the right screen tension, you can still have problems just by over-flashing. The trick is to keep the temperature of your pallets as low as possible.

If you have any concerns about the right underbase and how to use it, talk to Stanley’s. They have the right ink and the right information.