Over-promise and under-deliver. Don’t do it!

The thumbnail version:

  • Customers take your delivery promises seriously.
  • Late delivery causes disappointment.
  • Disappointment causes problems.

Full version:

Promising a delivery date is a matter to be taken very seriously. Customers usually don’t take well to late deliveries. People are impatient and even a bit childish when it comes to delivery expectations. Tell them that they’re going to receive something on a particular day and they’ll look forward to it and be disappointed if it doesn’t arrive.

Wow! Stuff is here already!

And there can be more to it than just normal disappointment. They could have made promises of their own to others based on your promise to deliver by a certain date. If they have to deal with unfulfilled expectations from whomever they’ve promised, you can be sure you’re going to hear about it. And not only can a rush at the end to meet your customer’s expectations cost overtime, excessive delivery expenses, and stress, but it may cost you repeat business.

No, it’s much better to under-promise and over-deliver.