Single, multi-purpose white

I’ve been waiting for this white for years!


Do you know that Wilflex has a non-phthalate white plastisol that’s good for multiple fabrics (polyester to cotton), is low-cure, non-ghosting, soft-hand, fast flashing, and has great stretch? It’s designed to simplify the supply chain and reduce inventory carrying costs (one-white-fits-all). It’s Epic Single LC White and is available from Stanley’s Cambridge branch. Call Craig at 1 877 205 9218.

Retail ready

Retail ready means paying attention to small details for that professional look.


Do you know that the term “retail ready” means being properly prepared to approach retailers with your T-shirt line? This means paying attention to details such as hang tags, packaging (poly bags, tubes, boxes etc.), custom shirt tags (printed or transfers), and any other small detail that will convey a professional image. Be retail ready!

Check it

Check your business plan once in a while to make sure you’re on track.


Do you know (of course you do!) that your business plan isn’t meant to line your desk’s bottom drawer? Get off the treadmill once in a while and check progress against your plan. It’s a necessary reality check.

Few features

Market one great feature; don’t confuse your customers with too much information.


Do you know that your marketing message should focus on just a few features (say, one or two) to avoid confusing customers and make it simple for them to justify using your product. Better still if that feature differentiates you from your competitors.

Graphic design

Okay, but can it be screen printed?


Do you know that before a graphic designer can design for screen printing they need to understand how a multi-coloured print is set up for screening? Graphic designers don’t necessarily know this if they don’t know screen printing. This is why you must ask about screen printing experience before engaging a graphic designer.


Okay, not the greatest example of applique, but you get the picture. imagine it in conjunction with a print.


Do you know that applique combined with a screen printed image can add a whole new dimension to your garment? It’s more work but the result can be eye-catching and sold for more.

Your phone

Do you know how many customers you lose when the phone at your shop is not immediately answered by a human? Current and potential customers do not want to be greeted by voicemail making questionable promises to call back “as soon as possible”. Serious businesses answer their phones, one way or another.

Company pet

Do you know that Company pets are common in screen shops? The thing is that they need to be managed — they don’t have the discretion to manage themselves. For one thing, they could bother people with allergies. For another, employees and customers are not likely to enjoy cats wondering around on the furniture or dogs growling at them.

Flash cure

So that’s why my prints are washing out!

Do you know that if you’re relying on your flash cure to cure your prints, you’re running the risk of improper curing? If you’re serious about putting out a great print, get the proper equipment. How would you feel about a surgeon taking out your appendix with a kitchen knife rather than a scalpel?


I’m too sick to open the shop today . . .


Do you now that good health is good business strategy? A sick and absent you is not much use to your shop. And since your shop needs you to run properly, you need to see your healthcare professional regularly as a preventative measure, and promptly if you’re unwell.

Get a job

Learn the trade first before you open your own shop.

Do you know that a good way to get into the industry is to take a job in a textile screen printing shop? It’s much smarter than laying out cash on equipment and supplies if you don’t know what you’re doing. And only when you’ve learned what you can and you’re still sure you want to be in the industry, open your own shop.


Don’t ever give up learning new stuff . . .

Do you know that some screen printers are out of touch with the latest advancements in the industry because of a know-it-all attitude: “You can’t tell me anything — I’ve been doing this for thirty years. ” Stay current or fall behind — attend trade shows and read industry journals and blogs.