Viva Magenta is Pantone’s colour of 2023!

I’m not sure if this is big news (or even news at all) in textile screen shops. However, you never know when a customer may be taken in by this colour-of-the-year thing and include it in a design. Fortunately, it’s a safe bet that since Viva Magenta is a Pantone colour, Wilflex will have created a formula for it; just ask Stanley’s.

A bit more about this colour . . . Here is how Elle Hunt in the Fashion section of the Guardian described it: “It exists between blue and red, warm and cool, to be found on a spectrum all its own. It is 150 years old yet still future-facing, at once digital and primordial. It is—to quote its creators—’ pulsating’.” Yes I know, it sounds like the kind of drivel some people would offer as an explanation for a piece in an exhibition. But it doesn’t strop there. The director of the Pantone Color Institute chimed in with: “It’s brave, it’s fearless, it depicts optimism and joy . . .”

Well, anyway, now you know . . .  2023 is the year of Viva Magenta and it’s “all at once digital and primordial”, not to mention “brave and fearless.” Oh, and “pulsating.”