Quiz — What is being described in this MSDS?

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  • You are required to keep a current MSDS for every product in use in your shop
  • Here’s a quiz to make the point (can you guess the product?)

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Where is your MSDS file?

In most, if not all jurisdictions, you are required to have an MSDS on hand for all the products you use in your shop. Compliance inspectors may ask for them but, more importantly, if you have a medical emergency caused by a product, you need to have the treatment information that’s laid out in the MSDS for that product.

So to make the point, here’s the quiz . . .  What is the product that this excerpt from a MSDS is referring to when it talks about “ingesting” (eating) it? The answer is provided at the end:

“Wash out mouth with water. Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing. If material has been swallowed and the exposed person is conscious, give small quantities of water to drink. Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.” 

So what is this “scary” stuff you’re not supposed not eat?

Well, it’s plastisol ink.

By no means should we minimize the importance of a MSDS for every product we use, but really, what a sad day if you actually had to put up a sign in the shop that says:


Anyway, the takeaway here is to get your MSDS binder up to date and complete.