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  • The issue of sustainability in the fashion industry is here to stay
  • Some creative garment decorators are turning it into a business advantage

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The fashion industry (which includes textile screen printing, of course) is under relentless pressure to conduct business more sustainably. By now, all the adverse publicity over the past few years about how the industry is a major polluter, has resulted in much greater awareness among the buying public.

Consequently, enterprising businesses have been coming up with ways to differentiate themselves by demonstrating measures to address the sustainability concerns. Undoubtedly, a hoped-for benefit is a favourable reaction from the buying public that will lead to business growth. In short, adopting a more sustainable business model makes business sense.

An example of this is a U.K. garment decorator, The Funky Peach, recently profiled by Images Magazine. The Funky Peach has apparently partnered with a recycling business in order that they may offer their customers a recycling program for any workwear they have supplied. The garments are recycled into insulating material which is a much better solution than the landfill alternative.

So, if it can be done in the U.K., why not here? And if another shop can do this, why can’t yours?