Ribbed garments and other risks

Ribbed. Perhaps better to decline.

Sometimes in business one just has to turn down a job even though it may seem counter-intuitive.

Just like in any other business or profession, one may occasionally be asked to do something that carries with it a risk to reputation and possible losses, in other words, a downside greater than an upside. At times like this, keeping in mind the upside/downside imbalance, it can be smart business to decline the “opportunity.”

One such “opportunity” in textile screen printing can be ribbed garments. Here’s the problem . . . it’s not that you can’t print on ribbed garments, it’s that afterwards when it stretches when it’s worn, the unprinted valleys between the ribs will be visible thus making the print unsightly. On the press the garment is not stretched as it will be when worn so ink doesn’t make it down into the valleys. And besides, while you probably could take special measures to get ink down into the valleys, is your customer going to pay you enough to make it all worthwhile?

Sometimes it’s just smarter to decline certain jobs.