School is back . . . Sports are starting . . . Where’s your shop?

Hey, don’t you guys think our numbers look great?

Schools are well and truly back and sports and other uniform-related activities are getting going. This adds up to printing jobs for textile screen shops.

Numbering and names are one common application but there are others such as school and team Tees and hoodies with logos and images, both printed and embroidered.

Is your shop getting its share of this huge market? Like any other lucrative market it’s not going to come looking for your shop, you’ll have to go looking for it. Then there’s always the possibility of creating a market by offering items the school may not have considered.

Some door knocking, cold calling and creative marketing may get your shop’s foot in the door for a share of this business. Working to become established as a school’s go-to supplier and printer could be effort well spent.