Scorching under the flash cure

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  • Scorching under the flash cure is a common problem
  • There are solutions

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Scorching under the flash cure is a common problem. Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious but upon close inspection you may see a slight brownish or yellowish shading, especially on light garments. However, whether it’s slight discolouration or an all-out scorch like an overdone steak on the BBQ, you don’t want it.

First, be aware of the fabric in question and adjust accordingly. Delicate and light-coloured fabrics are more prone to scorching. You can raise and lower the flash cure so that if slight scorching is occurring raising it may take care of the problem.

Using low-cure inks will allow you to lower the temperature and thus avoid scorching garments prone to it when using regular higher-curing inks.

If you take all the measures possible and you still scorch the odd garment, there are scorch removers you can use. Stanley’s can help you with this.