Sell or walk away?

Leaving with a bag of money at the end.

Today I’m presenting to the Bridgewater Chamber of Commerce, Nova Scotia, as part of their Lunch-and-Learn series. My topic, based on the Acquirer chapter on my book Characters Who Can Make or Break Your Small Business, is, “So, What Is My Business Going To Be Worth?”

Four points capture the essence of the one-and-a-half-hour presentation:

  1. Small business owners (in your case read “textile shop owners”) should at least consider selling rather than just closing up and walking away at the end of their business-ownership journey.
  2. In order to extract maximum benefit from an eventual sale there are things business owners should know now and should keep in mind as they proceed on their small business journey.
  3. Business owners must engage properly-qualified and experienced assistance and advice with a buy/sell process from the moment it begins.
  4. Business owners need at least a basic understanding of the principles of business valuation in order to assess the advice they receive.

This should stimulate your curiosity. You have something to think about now and some research and reading to do. It’s all for a worthwhile cause—a bag of money at the end.