Sell your shop, don’t just walk away . . .

Don’t just shut your shop . . . Try to sell it.

I occasionally hear the sad news that someone has decided to close up their screen printing shop and retire or do something else. It’s sad because with a bit of planning a few years in advance and some effort near the time of wanting out, they could probably have something worth selling, find a buyer, and walk away with a nest egg.

This is true of many small businesses when the owners haven’t taken the trouble to research the possibility of selling their business, especially if it’s profitable. That profit usually represents something a buyer will pay for. There are however things you need to know and you should make every effort to research the topic. A good place to find out most of what you need to think about would be Characters Who Can Make Or Break Your Small Business, but it’s not the only source; there other books, articles, and people to consult.

You built the shop, you deserve to benefit from selling it to the next owner.