Setting up a home-based print shop? Do you have the power?

You don’t need the frustration . . .

This could save you a lot of expense and frustration . . .  Before you buy equipment (particularly a conveyor dryer) for your home-based print shop, check that you have the power to handle it.

If you have to spend money on upgrading your home’s power it might change your plans for a home-based print shop. So here’s a plan:

  1. Check on the power requirements of the dryer you intend buying.
  2. Consult an electrician to make sure that your current power set-up can handle the dryer.
  3. If you have to upgrade your power set-up, get an estimate of cost.
  4. Taking the cost of upgrading your power set-up into account, re-examine your business plan to make sure it still makes economic sense.

Don’t end up like a would-be home-based shop owner in Calgary who recently found out that his power set-up couldn’t handle his new dryer after it was delivered. You don’t need the frustration.