Setting up a small textile screen printing shop — #10 in series

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  • Finally in this series, there is the miscellaneous stuff you need

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Scoop, spatula, and scale

And, finally in this series, there are miscellaneous things you’ll need such as a scoop coater, screen tape, ink spatula, ink scoops, mixing containers, pallet adhesive, a Thermoprobe, squeegees, cleaning chemicals, and scrubbing brushes.

And if you’re going to mix your own ink—because it makes economic and operating sense— you’ll need a scale.

There are decisions to be made for some of the items above that will be influenced by your business model. For instance: aerosol pallet adhesive or water-based adhesive?; disposable wooden spatulas or reusable plastic?; regular squeegees (aluminum or wood) or ergo-friendly squeegees?; fast-acting regular chemicals or sometimes slower-working but more eco-friendly chemicals?

As with all the other stuff you need for setting up a textile shop, the crew at Stanley’s can help.