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  • BDC puts out good business-boosting material.
  • This seven-step process is an example.

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The Business Development Bank of Canada puts out some very good business-boosting material for small businesses in particular. A recent example of such an article lists seven steps for creating a website. Here it is, edited lightly and in summary . . .

  1. The first step is to ask yourself three questions. Who are you targeting with the site? What information will your targets want to see? How will your targets prefer to navigate your site? To answer these questions you need to describe your target customer.
  2. Know what the site is for. Are you going to sell on the site, or is it for gathering contacts, or is it just an information site?
  3. Choose a platform. For instance, a Shopify site or a WordPress site? Usually it’s best to engage an experienced developer at this stage if you’re serious about developing a serious site.
  4. Establish a budget. A well-thought out cost-benefit analysis is a good idea at this stage.
  5. Request proposals from a few developers; quotes can vary greatly. Get references; competence can vary greatly.
  6. Develop the appropriate content for the site. High-resolution images, well-written text, and well-produced videos, could all constitute appropriate content.
  7. Once launched, maintain the site. Keep it fresh. Promote your site (that famous line from Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come”, is not true of websites).

And finally, do more work and research on the above seven steps; this has just been an overview.