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  • A  business lesson from the pandemic.
  • A bit of creativity and effort can go a long way.

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When the pandemic hit two years ago, I heard of an owner of  a textile screen shop in Alberta who said that when he had cleared the order board of pre-pandemic orders, he may as well shut up shop. A the time I suggested that that struck me as a defeatist attitude. At the very least, textile screen shops were in a good position to produce Personal Protection Equipment such as masks for which there was a huge demand.

Recently I heard of a shop in Ontario that did switch to producing PPE and, as a consequence, tripled its business. Among the many things we learned during the pandemic, there’s a business lesson—a little creativity and ingenuity can give credence to that old saying about making lemonade when handed a lemon.

If you missed the boat this time, keep this lesson in mind for next time. And whether it’s another virus, a climate change related episode, or something else we haven’t anticipated, there will be a next time.