Supply chain disruptions affecting more than ink

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  • Supply chain disruptions affecting more than just ink
  • Alternatives keep the presses turning

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Ink was the first and highest-profile material to be affected by the COVID-induced supply chain disruptions but other screen printing supplies are being affected now as well. One example is aerosol pallet adhesive.

Fortunately, there is a viable alternative to aerosol adhesives—a water-based pallet adhesive by Tekmar, TB-HV Pallet Adhesive.

TB-HV is applied to the pallet with a little squeegee and lasts for many impressions without the need for an additional application.  And not only does it work well but it costs a lot less than aerosol adhesives on a per-job basis and is a lot less-damaging to the environment and your health. Inhaling airborne aerosol adhesive particles is something to be discouraged.

Clean-up is with water instead of solvents and TB-HV doesn’t turn the floor and equipment around the press sticky.

It’s a no-brainer. The crew at Stanley’s can tell you all about it.