Sustainability — it keeps advancing!

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  • Sustainability is advancing, period!
  • Participate or perish.

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Okay, so this isn’t your textile screen shop venting, but you get the message . . .

Page through any fashion or garment decorating magazine nowadays and you’re bound to come across at least a couple of articles that make reference to sustainability. This is probably because there’s an increasing sensitivity around the constant references to how the clothing industry is currently one of the world’s great polluters.

For instance, here are two article titles from the November issue of Images Magazine: “Brands must make sustainability efforts clear on clothing labels, says GlobalData” and “Amazon launches Climate Pledge friendly label.”

We don’t have to delve into the details in these two articles here to get the message that sustainability is an advancing phenomenon. And as with any advancing phenomenon in any industry, members can choose to be part of it and keep operating or ignore it and eventually perish.

Where does your shop stand on sustainability awareness?