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  • A global exporter of workwear fabric is making sustainable polycotton.

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The UK-based manufacturer and global exporter, Carrington Textiles, has disclosed that 11.3 plastic bottles are used to produce the recycled polyester fibers in a meter of Delamere 195, their lightweight workwear fabric. The recycled polyester is produced by Repreve out of post-consumer waste collected around the world. The recycled plastic bottles are converted into chips which are melted into liquid polymer and then extruded to produce a fiber. The polyester produced this way can be used on a wide range of fabrics and offers the same quality and appearance as virgin polyester.

Carrington’s Delamere sustainable workwear fabrics includes 65 percent recycled polyester and 35 percent Better Cotton. Per Wikipedia, Better Cotton is derived from the Better Cotton Initiative which is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder governance group that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries.

So, between recycled polyester and Better Cotton, we have an entirely sustainable polycotton fabric. It’s encouraging to know that some of the initiatives being undertaken in the wider industry in which we operate, are on the right side of sustainability. We look forward to others making similar progress.