Take the business seriously . . . Use the cleaning chemicals designed for the job

Perhaps if I used the cleaning chemicals designed for the job I’d improve my prints.

This is particularly important to know if you’re new to screen printing.

New businesses of any kind are usually under budget constraints and a screen printing business is no different. This is why it’s tempting for new shops to cut corners on costs. We often mention ink in this regard but other consumables such as cleaning chemicals are also important.

You know what I mean, right? There’s a special degreaser for degreasing screens before applying emulsion but dish-washing liquid soap is a degreaser too and a less expensive, so what the heck? Same for good ol’ cheap Varsol instead of the chemicals specially formulated for removing plastisol from screens when reclaiming them.

Don’t do it! If you’re going to take this business seriously and put out quality work into a competitive market place, use the right chemicals. Screen degreaser is much stronger and thus more effective than dish-washing soap. Specially-formulated ink removers work well, do not leave an oily film, and are not half as environmentally nasty as the cheap stuff.

Your materials all impact the quality of your work. Talk to Stanley’s about the right chemicals for the job: Edmonton 780 424 4141; Calgary 403 243 7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond 604 873