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  • Is there an alternative to the old practice of taping screens?
  • Tony Palmer writing for Images Magazine addresses the question

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An Images Magazine reader posed this question: “I hate seeing the guys taping up screens, it’s been a bugbear for me for years. Surely there must be a better solution?”

Taping has been a standard practice for a very long time but two things seem to have prompted this to-tape-or-not-to-tape discussion. The first is that tape is becoming expensive and the second is an environmental concern, namely sending all the used tape to the landfill.

Palmer (who admits to still using tape himself, albeit sparingly) offers an alternative that involves extending the glue that holds the mesh to the frame to serve as an ink barrier in the way tape does. It apparently requires a slightly wider scoop coater and an adjustment to the coating technique. Regardless, this wouldn’t apply to retensionable frames.

After considerable discussion of the pros and cons of taping and the process of coating screens, it seems that the answer to the question is, not really.