Tees AND masks

Matching masks and Tees available from katebeckneworleans.com

As the Coronavirus pandemic rolls on and the battle against it shows some encouraging progress, the end is not yet in sight by any means. In fact, there is talk of a second wave already. All of this suggests that masks are going to be with us for some time. And this, as we’ve been reporting, is providing an opportunity for textile screen printers.

Masks are rapidly morphing from a nuisance item to a popular cousin of the T-shirt for it’s ability to convey a message. Some are going so far as to make a fashion statement by being matched in pattern and colour with outfits. Google “matching masks and T-shirts” for examples.

The point of course is that this is a potential market for Canadian textile decorators hit hard by the impact of Coronavirus over the past three months.

Its a no-brainer for a creative textile shop, particularly now that special pallets are available for mass-printing masks.