Tees from seaweed

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  • Tees are now being made from seaweed
  • Seaweed has a hugely positive sustainability profile

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Tees from seaweed by Inland Sea. Image provided by Inland Sea.

Inland Sea, a UK business owned by entrepreneur, Adam Costello, has announced the creation of tees made of a patented fiber, SeaCell, manufactured from Bladderwack seaweed found in the Atlantic ocean.

An interesting fact about seaweed is that it is a mass absorber of CO2 and it grows relatively quickly compared with trees. This gives it a positive sustainability profile as a raw material in a clothing industry that is increasingly coming under scrutiny for a lack of sustainability.

The seaweed is processed into SeaCell fiber using an environmentally-friendly technology by Smartfiber of Germany. The process embeds the seaweed within a natural fiber to ensure that the positive properties of the seaweed is permanently preserved.

The 100% biodegradable garments are available through Inland Sea but Costello’s intention is to create a demand for them among other independent ethical clothing brands as well. Inland Sea’s website  currently lists the Tees at £34.99 (CAD60) but, as with any new innovation, the price is bound to come down as demand increases and manufacturing cranks up.

If you’re looking to position your Canadian shop favourably on the sustainability scale, you should consider beginning a conversation with Adam Costello. Who knows where it might lead?