Tension: not enough of it in many shops

Tension occurs in screen-printing shops from time to time (from, you know, looming delivery deadlines, misprints, colour errors etc.) but the tension I’m referring to should be there all the time. It is, of course, screen tension.

Properly-tensioned screens are an essential part of quality prints. We all know this but it’s not difficult to find poorly-tensioned screens in textile shops. Some shops don’t have a tension meter and even some who do cannot put their hand on it immediately if asked. And quite often if they can show you their tension meter, it needs re-calibration. How would you feel about the professionalism of your doctor if he or she didn’t have an essential item of equipment like a functional stethoscope?

So, do you have a tension meter? Do you know where it is? Do you use it daily to ensure that the screens in your shop are properly tensioned before using them?

All four Stanley’s branches can help you find or fix a tension meter: Edmonton 780 424 4141; Calgary 403 243 7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond 604 873 2451.