Textile screen printing’s image problem

Portray a professional image and boost your business and the industry.

Pinterest and You Tube are beginning to annoy me! Both are guilty of promoting the idea that textile screen printing is nothing more than a craft activity anyone with a kitchen table and a few rudimentary bits and bobs (wooden frame, squeegee and some ink from Amazon or eBay) can do.

This does nothing for textile screen printing’s image as a legitimate, technically-challenging, occupation and significant contributor to the fashion and clothing industry. Image is important in establishing legitimacy (and hence the right to be rewarded appropriately) in the minds of the buying public. Wouldn’t we be more resentful of the fees that our dentists charge if Pinterest and You Tube were full of demonstrations of how to do your own extractions with just a kitchen chair, a pair of players, and a few Tylenol?

So, let’s do something about boosting the image of our industry. If every shop put forth a professional image and conducted business accordingly, it would help offset the hokey impression widely promoted in social media. In any case, a professional image is good for individual businesses by promoting confidence in customers.