The elevator pitch and a silver bullet

The thumbnail version:

  • The Tee business is tough, particularly now
  • You must have an “elevator pitch”
  • You can reduce your elevator pitch to a single sentence (the silver bullet)
  • That single sentence can give a listener the chills

The full version:

We all know about the “elevator pitch” which holds that you should be able to describe your business well enough in the length of an elevator ride to entice someone to want to consider doing business with you.

A lot has been written over the years about how to do this effectively. However, recently Neil Gordon, writing for, introduced the concept of what he calls the silver bullet of an elevator pitch. It’s an article worth the few minutes it takes to read. You can find it here.

When you’re promoting your screen shop to someone who could be a potential customer, what do you tell them? “I print T-shirts”? I hope not because while it may be true, it’s hardly compelling and, besides, so do a whole lot of other shops so why do business with yours?

Gordon’s article will give you some ideas on how to come up with a single sentence designed to give the listener, as he puts it, the “chills.”

You’re in tough against competitors all hurting in this pandemic market. This is just another way to help give you the edge.