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  • A BDC paper includes startling findings on cyberattacks against small and medium-sized Canadian businesses.

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This is about another BDC paper that deserves to be read by every Canadian business owner. The title to this one is, Seize the Technological Advantage. There will be more posts based on the paper but the purpose of this post is to focus on three statistics that should ring alarm bells followed immediately by preventative action:

  1. 18% of small and medium-sized businesses experienced at least one cyberattack in 2021.
  2. The average damage of these attacks? $49,470.
  3. Only 55% of businesses train their employees on the topic of cyberattacks.

If you’ve never known of a business owner who has been the subject of a cyberattack, you do now. My business’s e-commerce site was hacked fifteen years ago—we were down for two months while the wrecked files were restored at a cost of $8,000.00. Cyberattacks are real. Protect your business.