The environmental challenge for businesses per the BDC — told in percentages

The thumbnail version:

  • BDC surveyed business owners on the environmental challenge
  • It yielded some interesting results.

The full version:

The Development Bank of Canada conducted an extensive survey of Canadian businesses to determine the extent to which they are responding to the environmental challenge.

It’s a 32-page report worth reading but, in the meantime, here’s a story as told by some of the more interesting percentages:

  • 84 percent of entrepreneurs consider it their responsibility to take concrete action to protect the environment.
  • 82 percent of entrepreneurs have implemented concrete measures tp reduce their environmental impact.
  • 31 percent of entrepreneurs are encouraged to reduce their environmental impact as a means of improving their brand image.
  • 91 percent of business leaders state that it is entirely possible for a company to be profitable while reducing its environmental impact.
  • 34 percent of consumers consider the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.
  • 60 percent of Canadian consumers state that price remains the most important purchasing criterion.

The last two seem contradictory. Consumers seem to be saying “I think the environment is important, but I don’t want protective measures to show up in product prices.”

So while businesses are overwhelmingly willing to reduce their environmental impact, their customers seem to be saying that they’re not willing to pay for it.

Regardless though of how you interpret the results of this survey, as a business owner you still have an inescapable responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of your business.