The EZGrip Screen Squeegee – reviews

We’ve told you before about the ergonomic EZGrip squeegee. But now let Todd Tomlinson (just one of 22 reviews received by EZGrip in the past week) give you his feedback . . .

The EZGrip ergonomic squeegee.

“What I liked about it:

a) A natural grip – at 62 I’m battling all the wear and tear on my wrists from years of swinging hammer in the construction industry and all the keyboard work in my white collar jobs. No Advil yesterday for the first time in a long time.

b) Significantly easier to consistently pull print. My transfers were, for the first time, consistent from print to print. After printing thousands of transfers I have my technique down, but this provided another level of consistency that I have had a hard time achieving over hundreds of transfers on a given day.

c) Cleared the screen the first pass nearly every time with white through 156 mesh, which means for 100 transfers I’m pulling 2 to 4 fewer times per transfer. That is 200 to 400 fewer strokes per 100 transfers.”

We don’t need to add anything except to remind you that Stanley’s has the EZGrip squeegee. At about $33 aren’t your wrists and arms worth more?