The impact of poorly-trained employees on the customer service experience

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  • Employees are your shop’s customer experience delivery system

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In his white paper for Fosrsta, Howard Lax notes something profound: “Employees are the company’s customer experience delivery system.” And while this might sound obvious, why then do so many businesses deliver lousy customer experiences?

A delighted customer is a return customer.

Lax argues that: “If that system suffers from it’s own malaise of bad experiences and isn’t properly trained, it’s absurd to think that the firm will somehow magically delight customers.” Assuming that part of your shop’s objective is to delight customers, what are you doing to ensure that the people that have to deliver on that objective, are trained to do so?

The point is that as with any task that an employee is hired to perform, training is inevitably involved (operating equipment, completing documentation, etc.), so why not training for the task of delighting customers?

Perhaps a review of your staff training is due, assuming part of your objective is to delight customers.