The ink crisis updated with suggestions

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  • The ink supply chain is still in trouble

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Unfortunately the outlook at this time is not good. The ink supply chain, like many other supply chains, is still in trouble. There apparently isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel yet. Deliveries from some manufacturers like Avient (Wilflex, Rutland, QCM, Union, Printop) are going to be severely rationed for some time yet.

First and foremost, you should stay in touch with Stanley’s for updates on deliveries because it’s a fluid situation. But there are other measures you can take. For instance, not just using up ink already on the shelf but using Avient’s ink mixing software to formulate colours using colours on the shelf. Stanley’s can tell you more about this.

And as you know by now, Stanley’s offset some of the impact of this supply chain disruption by acquiring Inknovators plastisol. It’s not a total gap-filler but it can help you get by until the disruption eases.

Call your Stanley’s branch. They’re in the best position to advise and help your shop to whatever degree is possible.