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  • Business owners’ mental health has widespread concern
  • Prominent organizations like Shopify and BDC have recently addressed it

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Last month I addressed this topic after Shopify published an article encouraging business owners to take care of their mental health, particularly as it has become a focus issue as a result of COVID. Now BDC has cast more light on the topic that is worth repeating.

In the latest survey, BDC found that while most Canadian small business owners (66 percent) felt that they had things under control, certain business-owner groups appeared to be more vulnerable to mental health issues, for instance, members of the LGBTQ community, women, and the under-35s.

When asked about what stresses them most, the top answer was “generating enough revenue.” But in addition to that, two growing concerns are the disrupted supply chain and getting customers back to physical locations.

The latest survey also reveals that people are coping by taking time out for walks and some are planning vacations now that travel restrictions are lifting. Though the latter might be a bit optimistic—I met someone who flew from Hawaii to Halifax a week ago and it took him thirty-seven hours due to cancelled and delayed flights. If that doesn’t make your stress levels rise, nothing will.

But back to your own mental health . . . Manage it with care and seek professional help if necessary as more and more business owners are apparently doing.