The print on the stomach instead of the chest — (Part II)

The thumbnail version:

  • Mistakes happen in print shops
  • How they turn out depends upon how they are addressed.

The full version:

Well you are a */!!/%# idiot!

Last month I told the story about the shop owner that went ballistic and humiliated an employee in front of his colleagues because of a badly-positioned print on a sweat shirt.

The way this boss reacted was obviously inappropriate. So how could he have reacted in a more appropriate, more compassionate, and more productive way?

There are three things he could have done:

  1. He could have taken a moment to compose himself after the initial rush of anger when he first saw the print. He should not have addressed the employee immediately in a knee-jerk, angry manner. A good manager doesn’t react in anger.
  2. He could have considered the employee’s perspective. There might have been a plausible explanation for the badly positioned print. A good manager considers the employee’s perspective too.
  3. He could have addressed the matter privately with the employee, listened to whatever the employee’s point of view might have been, discussed ways to prevent similar errors occurring again in the future, and forgiven the employee. A good manager forgives and moves on.

Mistakes happen in shops. It’s how they are addressed that determines whether it turns out well or badly for all concerned and for the morale and productivity of the shop.