The printed bag market may have arrived at another fork in the road

The thumbnail version:

  • Single-use plastics bags are going away for good
  • The replacements are good for the textile printing industry

The full version:

All they need are your prints

In recent times the single-use plastic bag has largely given way to the branded bag-for-life version in most jurisdictions. This created printing opportunities for textile screen shops.

However, according to a recent article in Images magazine, the bag-for-life version has itself come in for criticism for not being as environmentally friendly as a new compostable bag being offered by a UK supermarket. That said though, as we emerge from the COVID lockdowns, branded bag printers are looking forward to recovering the business they lost as a result of the pandemic. They’re betting on cotton and jute bags being in demand for some time yet.

It’s a safe bet though that whichever direction the branded bag takes, it will not be going back to the single-use plastic version; this is good news for the textile printing industry.

Time to consider adding branded bags (perhaps even the compostable type) to your shop’s offering?