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  • Costing a DTG print involves many elements

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You may be thinking of adding a DTG printer for sampling and small orders that can’t justify the set-up time and cost of screen printing. if so, an article in the June edition of Images Magazine by Charlotte Darling should be a bit of an eye-opener for those textile screen printers who are inclined to set their prices according to the what-the-other-guy-charges-less-a-bit formula.

They shouldn’t of course be setting prices this way for screen printing and they should definitely not be doing it this way either if they acquire a DTG printer.

If you are thinking of acquiring a DTG printer you should read her article before you do so to be reminded that all of these items have to be taken into account in costing and pricing DTG prints:

  • The ink for the print
  • The pre-treatment
  • All labour costs from printing to delivery
  • The cost of cleaning solutions and accessories
  • The cost of ink in head cleans
  • The cost of ink when the DTG is standing idle
  • The cost of power when working and standing idle

All of these items make sense and you’d overlook them at your peril.

And if you’re considering a DTG printer, call Stanley’s and ask about Roland’s BT-12.