Tie-dye sweat shirts are apparently back.

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  • Tie-dye is reappearing
  • It may be trend worth watching

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Tie-dye sweats apparently didn’t go away in the sixties after Woodstock. They’ve reappeared in California.

Tie-dye sweat shirt available from Waraire.com

Given that many of our fashion trends start down in California this might be one to keep an eye on. Waraire.com is offering tie-dye casual garments like sweat shirts and pants as a fashion item. And they’re priced like fashion items too. For instance, the sweat shirt shown here is listed at USD160.

The question is whether your shop should offer tie-dye garments. Perhaps an embroidered or printed design could be added for extra effect. If a tie-dye sweat is selling for USD160 from a fashion house, there must surely be room for a local shop to come in well under that to take advantage of a trend that may come to Canada.

But as you know, trends can come and go quickly in this industry, so you’d have to keep an eye open and be ready to move if tie-dye becomes an opportunity again.