Time to reconsider your business model.

Time to seriously consider a business model redesign.

As COVID-19 lingers and the realization sinks in that ‘normal’ as we knew it may not be coming back, more and more articles and social media posts about reconsidering the way we do business are appearing. Soon books on the topic will follow.

The past couple of months have forced business owners to wonder what the marketplace is going to look like once we’re allowed back into it. Who will still be there? Will their outlook on life have changed? Will their buying habits have changed? Will my product or service still be in demand? And so on and so on.

These are all legitimate questions that have to be asked and addressed. The result for many small businesses will almost certainly be a business model redesign. Time spent on this sooner rather than later may be the difference between surviving or not.

And you know what? Fortuitously, a forced business model redesign might turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to your business anyway.