Tips for working from home

It’s the new normal for now – working from home.

Yes, this is a strange time for all of us working in an unfamiliar workplace—home. For most it seemed like a great idea at first. No commuting, maybe working in pjs, walking the dog whenever you felt like it, more time with the kids, and a whole lot of other ‘benefits’ not available on a ‘normal’ workday.

Then it got tired, and disorganized, and unstructured, and unproductive, and frustrating.

Joyce Russell, writing for Forbes, has a list of items to bring some discipline, orderliness, productivity, and joy back into our work-at-home-for-now new ‘normal’. Even of you’re not actually working at home but just waiting to go back to work, this can be helpful in keeping some orderliness in your life. You need to read her full article but here, for now, are the tips we should all be paying attention to:

  • Set a schedule
  • Set up your workplace
  • Designate a quiet space in your house and keep it uncluttered
  • set work hours and communicate to your office when you are not available
  • Close your workday out at the end of the day
  • Let your family members know when you are working and when you are accessible to them.
  • Establish ground rules in the family for playing music etc.
  • Start each part of your work portion of the day with the things you really dread doing.
  • Make sure you take breaks during your day.
  • Get plenty of exercise.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Think about how you want to use your saved commuting time.
  • Set specific work and home goals for each day.
  • Plan social connections.
  • Build in some fun each day.

These are tough times but with some organization, planning and determination we’ll get though it.