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  • The Printing United show is on right now in Las Vegas.
  • If you’re not there, you probably should be.
  • An excerpt from my book explains.

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In my book, Characters Who Can Make or Break Your Small Business, I use a conversation on an aircraft between two people on their way to a screen printing printing show to discuss the pros and cons of exhibiting and attending trade shows.

From the same chapter, The Trade Show Manager, this two-paragraph excerpt makes the point that trade shows are serious business, and are to be taken seriously as a resource for your shop . . .

“The people who treat trade shows as entertainment and an excuse to take a trip or just get out of the office for a few days—and I’ve known many who do—have lost sight of the fact that a trade show is a serious business event: a serious, intense business event. How serious? Serious enough to convince large companies to spend millions of exhibiting dollars wooing small businesses, year after year.

There will of course be lighter moments. There will be jokes and funny stories, there will be belly laughs as you reminisce with old friends and associates, and there will be parties, dinners, and drinks, but make no mistake, the underlying purpose is serious business.”

Trade shows are an essential aspect of keeping up with the competition. If you’re not at the Printing United show right now, know that some of your competitors are there checking out the latest innovations, gathering ideas, and having their enthusiasm for the industry refreshed.

Long Beach is coming up in January . . .