Vegan Tees? Can they get you ahead of the competition?

The thumbnail version:

  • Vegan Tees are part of an ethical sourcing trend
  • There’s an international market for them

The full version:

Getting ahead of the competition

The Images Magazine October edition includes an article about an embroiderer, Mark Ludmon, whose new focus is “vegan Tees.” Now, while this is a story about Tees for embroidery, there’s no reason the principles cannot be as easily be applied to Tees for screen printing.

Ludmon has been a vegan for three years and was looking to apply the plant-derived principle to his business as well. This meant sourcing ethically-produced, organic, and entirely plant-based Tees. He says that it’s part of a broader trend of ethical sourcing in the industry.

These Tees are being labelled “100% vegan” and “Certified organic.” If you have doubts about the viability of such a move, consider this . . . a website set up in advance of production of the first Tees has been taking orders from around the world.

Something to think about when you’re looking for an edge in a competitive market? I’d say so!