We need to know this about polyester

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  • Polyester is polluting ocean water as far away as the Arctic

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We need to be aware of the adverse impact of the products we produce, in this case, Polyester. Not because the mere wave of a wand to effect immediate change is possible, but because if we are aware of the problem we can start to contribute to a solution.

Here’s what we need to know about a recent study conducted in the ocean waters of the Arctic:

“The most comprehensive study to date found the microplastics in 96 out of 97 sea water samples taken from across the polar region. More than 92% of the microplastics were fibers and 73% of these were made of polyester and were the same width and colours as those used in clothes. Most of the samples were taken from 3-8 meters below the surface, where much marine life feeds.”