What makes a Tee great? And why does it even matter?

My 20-year-old Tee still going strong.

Coincidentally, while I’m reading a textile screen printer’s view in Images Magazine on what makes a great Tee and why working with great Tees is important to to him, I’m wearing my favourite Tee—a soft and comfortable grey Roots Tee with a simple (appropriately faded) pocket print that I’ve been wearing for over twenty years.

So naturally I begin to muse about why I instinctively love my old Roots Tee and how it has managed to last this long. The reason of course is that it’s the best-constructed, chunkiest, Tee I’ve ever owned; it’s quite different from the standard Tee nowadays made of fabric that seems thinner than tea bag paper.

Here’s what that printer, Louis Georgia of Essential Embroidery designs in the UK, had to say about his favourite Tee produced by Stanley/Stella Creator Tees: “We get the best quality prints using it. The weave is tight which means that you don’t really get any fibrillation, leaving a silky smooth final print. Plus, it is made from organic cotton and has great eco credentials. Most of our work is in the corporate market and large corporates love this tee because of its eco credentials and sound supply chain, not to mention being a great fashion fit.”

I’ve checked and, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a supplier of Stanley/Stella Tees in Canada. But this shouldn’t deter you from searching out a similarly high-quality locally-produced garment for your shop as a way of differentiating from the competition.