What your customers think of you

What are they saying about your shop?

How many of us answer a server that the food is good when we should be telling them that it’s underdone, overdone, cold, or just plain horrible and not worth the money? Most of us smile and say that it is okay even as we vow to ourselves never to eat here again! Of course if a third party asked us after we’d left the restaurant, the truth would be told.

Well what if it were not a restaurant but your print shop we’re talking about?

How would your customers describe your shop if asked by a third party when you’re not in the room?

What would they say about your pricing or your technical expertise? What would they say about how they are treated? With friendliness, helpfulness, and respect? Would they say that you seem to appreciate their business and seem to make an effort to encourage them to come back? Would they feel that they’re getting value for money, in other words, a good balance of quality and price?

Something to think about and work into your business model if you care about repeat business.