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  • SEO is designed to boost your website visits.

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Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo analyze every page of your website by means of algorithms so that they can potentially list your site as having answers to queries they receive. In other words, if someone enters “high density screen printing” on a search engine, and it is one of the things that you promote on your website, you’d want your website to come up.

The way your site is going to come up in the example above, is if your site is search engine optimized to attract the attention of the search engine algorithms. And the way to do this is to either pay an expert to set it up and maintain it for you (it’s an ongoing exercise) or to subscribe to a service such as Yoast (they’re relatively inexpensive) and use their “templates” (usually in the form of a plug in) and set up and manage your own SEO.

The online world is incredibly competitive and crowded, so any solution to the challenge of elbowing your way to the front, should be considered. SEO is one such solution.

You have homework to do.